Start and grow a freelance videography business in days - not years.

We all love shooting and editing videos, but when it comes to marketing, selling, and trying to find clients - most videographers don't know where to start. Luckily for you, I have created a business resource that will teach you the business infrastructure as freelancer. It's called Solo Video Pro.

Solo Video Pro is a business course for videographers interested in booking more gigs with higher paying clients. These trainings walk students through the process of starting, selling, and growing a solo freelance business in a few hours - not a few years. 

Master reaching out to potential clients, marketing on social media, turning projects faster, and breaking into new niches like real estate, weddings, and more. 

Welcome to the fast-track of owning a profitable freelance business!

Lesson Breakdown

Over 75 videos + new content added each month

  • 1

    Introductions and Discounts

    • A Message From Ryan

    • Software Discount Links

    • Passphrase to Join the Private Facebook Group

    • Course Overview and Expectations

    • Before we begin...

  • 2

    How to Start

    • 1.1 Starting a Videography Business

    • 1.2 Setting and Reaching Business Goals

    • 1.3 5 Phases of Growing your Business

    • 1.4 Camera Kit for Under $1,000

    • 1.5 Paid vs. Free Work

    • 1.6 Starting an LLC

    • 1.7 Basic Accounting on Google Sheets

    • 1.8 Invoicing

    • 1.9 Building a Website with Wix

    • 1.10 Ryan's 16 Step Business Process

    • 1.11 Building Your Video Portfolio to Land Bigger Clients

    • BONUS: 16 Step Business Process PDF

    • BONUS: Gear Recommendations

    • BONUS: Industries in High Demand

    • BONUS: Goals Template

    • Quick Quiz

  • 3

    How to Sell

    • 2.1 Intro to Selling Video Services

    • 2.2 Emailing Cold Prospects

    • 2.3 Cold Calling Script to Book Discovery Meetings

    • 2.4 Closing a Real Prospect on a Discovery Call - Phone Recording

    • 2.5 Main Pricing Strategies

    • 2.6 Pricing on Value

    • 2.7 How to Pitch and Close High Ticket Videos

    • BONUS: Accounting Tracking Spreadsheet

    • BONUS: Questionnaire Template

  • 4

    How to Market

    • 3.1 Intro to Marketing

    • 3.2 Crafting an Elevator Pitch

    • 3.3 How to Grow an Email List

    • 3.4 Marketing Must-Haves

    • 3.5 Social Media Marketing

    • 3.6 Facebook Marketing 101

    • 3.7 Instagram Marketing 101

    • 3.8 LinkedIn Marketing 101

    • 3.9 LinkedIn Marketing 201

    • 3.10 Networking

    • 3.11 Website or Instagram Portfolios?

    • Quick Quiz

  • 5

    How to Scale

  • 6

    How to Soar

  • 7

    Bonus: Facebook Ads for Freelancers

    • 6.1 Running Facebook Ads - INTRO

    • 6.2 Facebook Ads Manager Set Up - PART 1

    • 6.3 Facebook Ad Types andTargeting - PART 2

    • 6.4 Facebook Ads Copy and Creative - PART 3

    • 6.5 Facebook Ads Reporting and Analytics - PART 4

    • 6.6 Remarketing Campaigns - PART 5

    • 6.7 Distributing Client's Ads - PART 6

  • 8

    Bonus: Interviews

    • Growing to 4 Employees - Josh Langmade

    • Shooting for Rob Gronkoswski, Hisence, and Seadoo - Zach Gresham

    • 6 Figure Wedding Videography - Ben Libby

    • Shooting Photos for Tips to Magazine Covers - Preston Magnum

    • Traveling the World with Influencers - Michael Sestak

    • Launching Your Business in College - Justin Van Hoof

    • Marketing to Real Estate Agents - Kelsey Russell

    • Creating the First Association for Videographers - Henry Finn

    • Becoming a Graphic Designer for Pitt Football w/ Taylor Wilhelm

  • 9

    On Set Job Shadows

    • On Set | Football Helmet Commercial

  • 10

    Other Resources

    • Closing Message From Ryan

    • Enjoy these Free Resources

    • BONUS: 5 Free Lightroom Presets

    • BONUS: Instagram Video Post Template

    • BONUS: Invoicing Template

    • Survey

Join the Community

Hear what current members say

Awesome course for video production company owners!

Marko, Vancover

If you want to start, run, and grow your video production company, take this course and you'll be way ahead of anyone just relying on Youtube. This course is straight to the point, no bulls***, and gives you all the answers you need, also it's nicely presented in a folder format, which makes it super easy to re-watch sections. 5 Stars!

This class is worth it's weight in gold.

Josh, New York

"I've always felt like I was just getting by on the business side of things. Now I feel much more put together and confident after the lessons I've watched and implemented. My fear about the future has turned into excitement. That's priceless.  Thank you for putting this class together, Ryan. It's worth its weight in gold."

Best Purchase I've Made!

Andrew, Iowa

"Without a doubt, the best purchase I've made as a small business owner. If you are looking to get into a market that continues to grow every day - check out Solo Video Pro."

I am really glad I signed up!

Sam, Iowa

"For those contemplating on taking the course, I literally JUST finished the first season of lessons and found it super helpful. I honestly hadn’t put as much thought into the legal side of my business... but it gave me something to think about. Also it’s video style so literally listened while driving. Any content I want to go back over and take notes, it’s super easy to get back. So, all that to say, from the bit I’ve seen so far, I’m really glad I signed up #notasponsor:"

Learn at your Own Speed

Access hundreds of minutes of business trainings, interviews, screen capture, and downloadables for one flat price.

The Lesson Framework

Walking you through the path to success

  • Start

    Get off the ground quickly without the typical growing pains using Ryan's proven 'Interest Triangle' method.

  • Sell

    Attract ideal customers online and overcome the feeling of a sleazy sales person by solving problems - not selling services.

  • Market

    Get your work in front of more people using digital channels, give them a clear call to action, and book them as clients.

  • Scale

    Become hyper-efficient to take on multiple projects at once and begin delegating tasks that you hate doing.

  • Soar

    Diversify your income, learn to run ads for your clients, direct talent on real sets, and more.

What will you take away?

Training giving you the insight to...

  • Attract Higher Paying Clients

  • Establish over 7 Streams of Income

  • Book Monthly Retainers

  • Price with Confidence

  • Avoid Legal Trouble

  • Leverage Social Media to Drive Sales

  • Manage Multiple Projects and Deadlines

It Gets Better

More bang for your buck with over $300 in added bonuses!

  • Cheatsheets, Templates, & PDFs

    Gear recommendations to save you hundreds, mock contract templates to avoid legal burns, income breakdown calculator, online resources that save you time, and more!

  • Save $260/yr on Software

    Massive discounts on music licensing, bookkeeping, and file sharing sites to remove admin headaches.

  • Private Peer Mentorship

    Gain access to the course's private Facebook Group to network, answer new issues that arise, share experiences, and learn from other videographers just like you.

Get to Know Ryan

Founder, Solo Video Pro

Ryan Snaadt

Ryan started his own freelance video business while in college. As a solo entrepreneur, he has grown his business each year handling all aspects of the creative process. With over 5 years of experience running his own business, he has had the pleasure of working with a variety of clients ranging from yoga studios to social media influencers, taking him across the country creating content. In addition to shooting, Ryan also consults with brands and speaks on topics surrounding online marketing and using video to grow brands. He has spent hundreds of hours teaching himself the business of videography, video marketing, and connecting people with targeted messaging. His mission is to pass on his experiences to the next wave of creators looking to improve their brands, businesses, and selves.


  • Why pay for a course?

    The free training is offered at no cost or obligation to you. The full course is a paid training because it will teach a skill set that will directly generate revenue for your business. Paid courses also add accountability so you actually apply the knowledge you learn.

  • What if I have no business knowledge?

    That is perfectly fine. Most creatives are focused on the craft, not the books. That is why Ryan created this course. He condenses his university education in business and experience in the field to make lessons easy to follow and implement in your own day to day.

  • What if I am not a beginner?

    This course can help any solo freelancer regardless of where they are at in their journey. Even if you are booked out and overwhelmed with work, this course will address those issues and how to overcome them.

  • What is included?

    16 video lessons covering how to overcome major issues at each phase in your business. You will also receive multiple downloadable resources and access to Ryan's private Facebook mentorship group to gain access and support from other freelancers in this industry.

  • What if I have no camera gear?

    Then you have a clean slate, which isn't a bad thing! Included in the course bonuses, is a gear recommendations list to get you off of the ground getting what is essential and cost sensitive. At the end of the day, its the craftsman - not the tools that matter. To see a full list of gear Ryan uses to create commercial videos, check out

  • When will I lose access to the lessons?

    Never. This course has lifetime access. Watch, leave, implement, and return if you need a refresher.

So what are you waiting for?

Get ready to take your creative business to the next level. See you on the inside!